Cramer is the big bang of financial blogging


Barry Ritholtz, commenting on the New York Times Magazine piece about CNBC “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer, notes that a lot of business journalists owe their careers to him because of his co-founding of

Ritholtz writes, “You may not know this, but was a factory that churned out award winning journalists and market beating fund managers like Hershey’s kisses. Josh Brown, once likened to the ‘Motown Records of the Financial Web.’ They were the farm team for the world of financial reporting, where the media bigs came to look for the next hire.

“The number of people who came out of TSCM to become household names in financial reporting and asset management is quite astonishing: alumni include Aaron Task (Yahoo Finance), Jesse Eisinger (WSJ/ProPublica) who just won a Pulitzer, Herb Greenberg (CNBC), James Altucher (FT/WSJ), Justin Lahart (WSJ), Paul Kedrosky (Bloomberg), Adam Lashinsky (Fortune), Alex Berenson (NYT), Simon Constable (WSJ), Dave Kansas (WSJ), Gail Griffin, (Barrons), John Edwards (WSJ) David Gaffen (WSJ), Lauuren LaCapra (Reuters), Colin Barr (Fortune), Tim Arango (NYT), Dagen McDowell (Fox), David Reilly (Bloomber/WSJ), Peter Eavis (WSJ). Fund managers like Doug Kass, Whitney Tilson, David Merkel, Jeff Matthews, Helene Meisler, Jon Markman, Todd Harrison, and the list goes on and on. I myself am a proud TSCM alumnus.

“I have on occasion criticized Jim for some position or another he has taken on sub-prime or housing or the Fed, but that comes with the territory. As much as people bash Cramer, consider this: He is the guy who first conceived of Democratizing financial research and reportage. Whatever money he made for clients as a hedge fund manager is far outweighed by his contribution to you, the modern investor.”

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