Covering the big airline merger

Airlines merger

Bob Moog, the editor of the Dallas Morning News, writes about how his paper’s business desk team covered the merger of Dallas-based American Airlines with US Airways.

Moog writes, “The Dallas Morning News unleashed a talented team of journalists to make sure readers stayed ahead on every element of this rapidly evolving story.

“As always, aviation specialist Terry Maxon was on point in print and on the Web. Terry’s long experience on the beat kept readers out front on major developments. ‘He had a front-row seat,’ said business editor Dennis Fulton, ‘to the cat-and-mouse game between US Airways and the much larger American Airlines.’

“A strong cast of writers, columnists, graphic artists and photojournalists helped readers see this huge story in a larger context.

“Columnist Cheryl Hall scooped the world with her exclusive interview of AMR leader Tom Horton. Reporter Sheryl Jean covered the merger from a consumer perspective. Columnist Mitchell Schnurman, an astute airline industry observer, likened this airline combination to Jerry Jones’ takeover of the Dallas Cowboys.”

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