Covering Davos and the woman angle

francine lacqua davos

Bloomberg TV anchor Francine Lacqua, who is based in London, gave an interview about Davos and whether the event really matters for women to The Jane Dough.  She talked about her reporting experience as a business journalist.

Sarah Devlin writes, “Bloomberg TV anchor Francine Lacqua, who has covered Davos on her show ‘On the Move’ for several years, noted that the conference presented an opportunity to revisit the question of quotas for executive boards, as one way of bringing the gender ratio at the top economic tier into balance. EU justice commissioner Viviane Reding, who originally proposed the idea of quotas, was able to revisit the question of their efficacy with Lacqua at the WEF.

“In addition to more discussion of women’s issues, Lacqua noted that her time as a financial reporter has revealed the importance of addressing widespread youth unemployment, which has been an enormous problem in the United States and abroad, affecting both young women and men over the past few years. This issue was also brought to the fore at the WEF.

“Ultimately, did Lacqua see Davos as an effective tool for change, or a glorified networking event? Definitely not the latter, she said; Davos has consistently been a forum ‘for the exchange of ideas.’ While change for women may be slow, their interests are gaining increasing representation on the global stage. It’s certainly a start.”

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