CNET reporter joins The Verge

Casey Newton

Casey Newton, a senior reporter with the tech news site CNET, has resigned to join The Verge, another tech news site.

An item on the Vox Media blog states, “Casey Newton joins The Verge as a senior reporter. He was previously a senior writer at CNET, where he recently broke the news that Twitter is working on a standalone music app. Before CNET, Newton wrote about technology for the San Francisco Chronicle. He is the tallest reporter covering Silicon Valley and can be found on Twitter @CaseyNewton.

“Here’s Newton on his move to The Verge:

Since the day it launched, less than 18 months ago, The Verge has been open in my Web browser more or less constantly. First I marveled at its bold, beautiful design; then I noted the speed and frequency with which it breaks news; then I dug into its world-class features. Whether writing about Aaron Swartz or animated GIFsGoogle Glass or Samsung’s sexism, The Verge somehow always delivers the take I want to read — one that is timely, thoughtful, and delivered with style.”

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