CNBC vs. Bloomberg TV: The booking wars


David Folkenflik of NPR reports on the increasingly testy battle between business news networks CNBC and Bloomberg Television to have exclusive appearances by its guests.

Folkenflik writes, “But a guest interviewed on CNBC earlier this month shared with NPR a copy of an email from a CNBC producer earlier this month.

“It carried this warning in red:

‘CNBC POLICY REMINDER: Per CNBC policy, we cannot use guests who have a same-day appearance on Fox Business or Bloomberg…By accepting a booking with CNBC, you acknowledge and accept the terms of this policy.’

“So much of broadcast news revolves around the booking — with the pressure on the booker to land the guest.

“Wald said that he has issued strict instructions that Morgan will not interview guests once they’ve appeared on certain other shows.

“‘You don’t want to follow,’ Wald said, ‘and so you’ll do whatever you can to impress upon the guest … the need to be on your show or your network first.’

“Last October, CNBC’s Julia Boorstin snagged a direct interview with Disney CEO Robert Iger as the company acquired LucasFilm for roughly $4 billion.

“She believed she had an exclusive — and was witnessed berating Iger’s team minutes later as he walked to speak live by satellite with an anchor for Bloomberg TV.”

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