CNBC makes changes to “Squawk Box,” “Squawk on the Street”


The following announcement was sent by CNBC senior vice president Nik Deogun on Sunday:

In the world of business news, Squawk Box and Squawk on the Street are essential viewing for individual investors and hedge-fund managers, chief executives and small-business owners, politicians and policy makers. These programs routinely move markets with breaking news and penetrating interviews, using a mix of wisdom and wit to engage viewers.

That has been the driving force and spirit of Squawk Box since Mark Haines captained the original ship and guided the expansion of the Squawk franchise with the launch of Squawk on the Street more than five years ago.

With that spirit in mind, it’s time to introduce the next incarnation of Squawk.

I’m pleased to announce that Carl Quintanilla, Melissa Lee, Jim Cramer, Simon Hobbs and David Faber will now all contribute to Squawk on the Street weekday mornings.

Melissa and Carl will host from 9-11am, with Jim Cramer as a frequent contributor from 9-10am. Simon Hobbs, who has done a tremendous job on Squawk on the Street, will co-host the 10am hour every day with Melissa and Carl. David Faber will continue in his current role on Squawk on the Street with the “Faber Report.”

Melissa will continue to anchor Fast Money at 5pm, and Jim will keep hosting Mad Money w/Jim Cramer at 6pm.

Scott Wapner, who has done an excellent job with the Fast Money Halftime Report during this interim period, will host that program.

Matt Quayle will steer the course for both programs as Executive Producer. Finally, I’m announcing that Todd Bonin will move over from Squawk Box to become Supervising Producer of Squawk on the Street. Todd has done fantastic work with Squawk Box and I’m confident that he will team up with the tenacious and talented Jason Gewirtz to help take Squawk on the Street to the next level.

Please join me in congratulating everyone on their new assignments.