Bringing business to the editorial page


Joe Nocera, who is going to write a twice-a-week column for the New York Times op-ed page after writing a weekly column for the business section, was interviewed by Ted Nesi of WPRI about his career and the switch.

Here is an excerpt:

So are you excited to become a Times op-ed columnist? They say it’s the most valuable real estate in American journalism, that page.

And they’re right! (Laughs)

Yeah, I’m totally excited about it. It’s a change for me because I’ve never written anything that short before in my life – my previous column, as you know, was literally twice as long – and [the new op-ed page column is] also twice a week. But I wanted to do it the old-fashioned way. I wanted to prove that I could write short, write twice a week, and bring business – as opposed to economics – to the op-ed page.

Paul Krugman does a great job on economics. I’m not an economist, but I love business, I care about business, and I think business is so important that it deserves a spot on the op-ed page. So I’m really tickled to be doing it.

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