Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal win National Press Foundation awards

WSJ Supreme Court

Bloomberg News and The Wall Street Journal have both won National Press Foundation awards.

Bloomberg News and its reporters William Selway, Esmé E. Deprez and Alison Vekshin will receive the Feddie, given for work showing the impact of Washington rules and regulations outside the Beltway, specifically how current and projected spending cuts impacted Americans.

The Wall Street Journal will receive the Excellence in Online Journalism Award for its coverage of the Supreme Court’s Affordable Care Act decision.

In an email to the staff on Friday, head Raji Narisetti wrote, “The individual architects of that effort were Peter Landers, Jess Bravin, Tim Hanrahan and Sheila Courter, with key contributions from Brent Kendall, Louise Radnofsky, Mary Lu Carnevale and Janet Adamy. But a large supporting cast across many teams in our newsroom played a key role in us being recognized.

“As Jerry Seib notes: ‘You’ll all remember this as the morning when, paving new ground for us and, really, for journalism, the WSJ scooped everybody not only in words but on video with what the Court decided in essentially upholding the law. Obviously, there’s nothing more important to all of us than getting the mix of print, online and video journalism right for the 21st century. Here’s a sign we’re making a lot of progress down that important road.’

Realls Alex Martin: ‘The dynamic coverage throughout the day was a great partnership of planning and execution between the Washington Bureau and Health and Science Group that kept us faster and smarter than our competitors online and into the next day’s paper.’”