Bloomberg Pursuits gets a new look


Erik Maza of Women’s Wear Daily writes about the revamped Bloomberg Pursuits magaizne

Maza writes, “With cover subjects like investment banker Jim Glickenhaus, a household name only among the Davos set, and a creative direction more suited for a regional business magazine, the initial iteration had little chance against the likes of the Financial Times’ How to Spend It and Departures.

“So the deep-pocketed Bloomberg — which seems determined to build a print profile — hired an editor and an art director and went back to the drawing board. The new issue, out in March, has a redesigned appearance that wouldn’t look out of place at Condé Nast.

“That’s not a coincidence. Pursuits is upping its frequency this year to four times, and is set on attracting new advertisers. To do so, Bloomberg has taken a page and then some from the Condé Nast handbook, swiping two Condé veterans, editor Ted Moncreiff and art director Anton Ioukhnovets, to remake the wonky glossy with some of that 4 Times Square pizzazz. Before them Pursuits was edited by the small team behind Bloomberg Markets, its more trade-oriented sibling magazine.

“The spring issue carries 41 ad pages, 11 more than the premiere issue in January 2012. The rate base is still 375,000 — a captive audience of high-spending consumers who are all Bloomberg terminal customers.”

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