launches luxury page

Bloomberg Good Life has added a page on its website that covers luxury issues.

Andy Reinhardt, the editor of the section, writes, “‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ goes the old proverb, and it’s true for readers as well.  Tens of millions of visitors come to our site every month for timely, accurate business and financial news. But they also have lives outside of work and want fresh ideas on how to spend their hard-earned cash and well-deserved time off. Our new luxury section, The Good Life, answers this need with an array of lifestyle and cultural content that keeps readers informed on how to live to the fullest.

“The Good Life offers a mix of features, reviews, slide shows, videos, and blog posts on topics ranging from arts and entertainment to travel and real estate.  Connoisseurs of wine and fine dining will enjoy news and reviews from the experts on Bloomberg’s respected Muse team, who also supply material on art, auctions, books, theater, music, museums, and nightlife. Weekly reviews of high-end autos and cutting-edge consumer technology help readers decide where to spend their money wisely. Extensive travel coverage helps avoid tourism nightmares and plan the perfect getaway. And smart insights on property – including keyhole views into some of America’s most elegant mansions – help guide real estate investments.

“The Good Life also highlights select content from Bloomberg’s new quarterly lifestyle and luxury magazine, Pursuits, which offers an assortment of features on living well and the people who know how to do it. We also keep close tabs on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, an interactive ranking of the world’s 100 richest people, with stories on how they got their wealth and how they spend it.

“In the end, it’s not enough just to make money: You have to know how to enjoy it. Bloomberg has covered both sides of the equation for years, cementing a global reputation for credibility and accuracy. Now, with The Good Life, readers have a comprehensive source of lifestyle information that brings the richness of our coverage into a single, more focused destination.”