Blogging about Apple is big business

Apple logo

Mark Milian and Adam Satariano of Bloomberg News write about how a number of bloggers who cover tech company Apple are making quite a nice living.

Milian and Satariano write, “Arnold Kim, who started MacRumors in 2000, left his job as a kidney doctor four years ago to focus on his gossip site full time. Ad revenue supports his wife and two kids, as well another full-time writer and freelance contributor.

“‘There’s a lot of brand recognition and as a result, loyalty to Apple,’ Kim said. At some point, ‘Apple rumors became a mainstream thing.’

“News sites have ramped up their coverage of Apple in recent years. Rumors about the latest iPhone can be found in just about any general-interest news publication.

“AppleInsider is a sort of newswire service just for Apple news. The site employs about a half-dozen regular writers and editors. Neil Hughes joined the site in 2009 from the Charlotte Sun Herald newspaper. The editor enforces Associated Press writing style and has a reporter assigned to work on in-depth features about Apple’s business.”

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