Biz reporter Stanley Cohen dies at 93


Stanley Cohen, the longtime Washington editor of Advertising Age, died earlier this month at the age of 93.

A story on the National Press Club website states, “An elevator ride away from the Club was Cohen’s Advertising Age office, where he was the Washington editor from 1943-1984. He retired as a corporate vice president of Crain Communications, the publisher of Advertising Age, in 1987.

“At Cohen’s Washington funeral, Rance Crain, the editor-in-chief of Advertising Age, praised Cohen for courageously advocating for truth in advertising. He said it influenced Crain’s attitude towards business journalism.

“Known as the dean of consumer journalism for his award-winning coverage of excessive or false advertising claims, Cohen’s articles and editorial columns resulted in the creation of an advertising-industry-sponsored review panel that self-regulated commercials, said Rick Gordon, who worked with Cohen for 10 years.

“‘Stan taught me lessons about thoroughness, about integrity, about perseverance and what high standards in journalism really are,’ Gordon said.”

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