Biz journalist creating non-profit to cover markets


Roddy Boyd, a former business journalist for Fortune magazine and the New York Post, is creating a non-profit news organization to cover market players.

The goal of the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation is to fill the vacuum for professionally crafted enterprise work on capital markets participants due to the economic collapse of mainstream media, says Boyd, who now lives in Wilmington, N.C.

Boyd is the author of “Fatal Risk: A Cautionary Tale of AIG’s Corporate Suicide.” He also wrote for Institutional Investor News and Slate’s The Big Money site. In addition to founding the financial investigative reporting site, Boyd also worked on both the buy- and sell-sides of Wall Street.

Boyd provided SIRF’s mission statement to Talking Biz News. It reads:

The goal of the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation is to unlock the truth found in the sea of legal and financial filings corporations often use to keep the details of their true condition and business practices opaque.

The reporting will be free of charge and bias: Neither SIRF nor its staff will profit from any form of investment in the companies we report on and no one compensates us in any fashion. Our donors are concerned individuals, businesses and foundations who will not have foreknowledge of our work. We will advocate for no political or social agenda beyond good investigative work; individuals and company’s we discuss will be given every opportunity to participate in the story.

To that end, SIRF’s delivery of superior document-driven investigative reporting on capital markets issuers and participants can enable transparency and provide accountability on behalf of the American investing public.

DISCLOSURE: Boyd has asked me to be on the board of SIRF.