Bartiromo on Hall of Fame inducation, missing Haines


CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo talked with TVNewser’s Chris Ariens about what it was like to be the first female journalist inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame and other issues.

Here is an excerpt:

TVNewser: What’s CNBC been like without Mark Haines?

Maria Bartiromo: It’s been a very sad time. I worked with him for 10 years on “Squawk.” Most of us grew up with Mark. One of the greatest things about Mark is he worked for the viewer. He will be missed. He has left an incredible legacy on the cable industry and CNBC. I miss him.

TVNewser: So what’s more exciting: being inducted into the cable Hall of Fame or throwing out the first pitch before a Cubs game at Wrigley field?

Maria Bartiromo: That’s a really good question. I guess being inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame. I was so proud to be working at CNN 20 years ago. But Lou Dobbs wanted to restructure the newsroom and I was on the assignment desk, so Lou promoted me to senior producer for the morning shows and I was upset, because it would put me on the overnights again, and take me out of the field. So after all my crying — I used to cry on the 22nd floor of CNN — I went back and put together my reel. Re-shooting the stories I’d produced. And I sent it to CNBC and Peter Sturtevant and Roger Ailes said “we want to put you on the air.” I went to Lou and I said, “Lou, I’m leaving.” And he said, “Maria, you’re making the biggest mistake of your life.” And, as I said last night at the gala, “Tonight proves a different story.”