Bartiromo loses 40% of demo viewers


Glynnis MacNicol of The Business Insider reports Monday that CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo‘s “Closing Bell” lost 40 percent of her viewers in the key 25 to 54 age demographic in 2010.

MacNicol writes, “Bartiromo is not alone. CNBC saw one of its worst years in the 25-54 demo in the past decade and ratings are way down across the board, but Bartiromo suffered the worst drop.  [Numbers below].

“Clearly the entire network needs a shot in the arm that goes way beyond Jim Cramer‘s excessively energetic show.  However, the sort of headlines the newschannel might generate by switching up Bartiromo’s chair might be just the thing.

“A few years back the obvious successor to Bartiromo was Erin Burnett, but over the years Burnett has lost her newness factor raising the question: is it time for some fresh blood?” 

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