Appreciating good personal finance coverage


Bob Mong, the editor of the Dallas Morning News, writes about the paper’s personal finance columnist, Pamela Yip.

Mong writes, “Readers tell us they expect superb coverage of personal finance. That’s why Pam Yip is assigned to the beat full time.

“Pam engages with many segments of our readership: well-off investors unnerved by the market volatility; seniors concerned about their savings; relatives seeking advice for unemployed family members; and mid-career folks negotiating a tough economy.

“Her reach is impressive.

“Recent columns touched on issues as diverse as understanding credit reports, finding competent financial advice, selecting health coverage and going through financial planning for the end of the year.

“Last weekend, she invited financial planners to our offices to take reader calls.

“Her column Monday will focus on how to strike a balance between helping your adult children and not jeopardizing your own financial future.Her column tomorrow will focus on how to deal with adult children still living at home.

“Pam also launched a financial planning blog on

“She is so trustworthy that some readers allow her to match them up with experts to review family finances. In these exercises, financial analysts look over a family’s finances and recommend ways to make the most of their wealth. The service is free.”