A real estate reporter who uses social media in her reporting

Lily Leung

Jennifer Brice writes about San Diego Union-Tribune real estate reporter Lily Leung and how she does her job.

Brice writes, “She is an avid Twitter, Facebook and Instagram user who often posts links to her stories online.

“‘It’s given me great access to a lot of different people,’ said Leung, who has more than 5,000 followers on Twitter and 17,000 tweets. ‘I’ve gained a lot of sources on there. It really supplements my reporting. It doesn’t replace good reporting, it just makes it better. It’s a great way to connect to readers.’

“Her tech-savviness is noted by business editor Diana McCabe.

“‘She’s one of the younger journalists who knows how to use social media … and still tells stories in a traditional format,’ McCabe said. ‘She brings the enthusiasm of teaching social media to others and likes learning about traditional reporting.’

“Leung enjoys reporting about real estate because she’s able to see monthly numbers and figure out who is spending money and why. She tracks home prices, mortgage rates and real estate transactions.”

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