A focus on local business coverage

The Post-Star

Ken Tingley of The Glen Falls Post-Star in New York writes about his paper’s business reporter, Jamie Munks, has started a new feature focusing on local, small businesses.

Tingley writes, “The premise is to tell our readers about local businesses they don’t know about, if they have unique products or a business model that others might learn from.

“The first story profiled a business owner in Warrensburg who relocated her business to Queensbury. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the traffic she wanted and moved back to Warrensburg.

“I thought it was a great story because it was the rare business story that talked about the struggle of owning a small business. We rarely get business owners who will be candid about the struggle. Too often, business owners are not willing to tell their story to us, for fear it will hurt their business.

“I think the struggle is what makes the story interesting and I believe consumers would also find it compelling.”

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