A story subject takes interest in reporter’s self-marketing


Lindsay Riddell, a reporter for the San Francisco Business Times, writes about how about.me founder Larry Conrad has taken a personal interest in improving her page on the site.

Riddell writes, “The photo on my about.me page is a picture of me interviewing Tesla Motors Chairman Elon Musk, taken by venture capitalist and Tesla investor Steve Jurvetson. Conrad suggested I increase the opaqueness of the background to my profile text, so it would better stand out on top of the background picture. And he suggested I move that profile text lower so it didn’t get lost in the image.

“In addition to the tags already linked to my page, he suggested I also add links to my three most recent Business Times stories.

“While a link to my about.me page already appeared in my Twitter profile, he also suggested I put it in my email signature (I’m still trying to figure out how to make it a hyperlink – Entourage makes it incredibly tough).

“Since I’ve heeded Conrad’s suggestions, and talked about my about.me page in the Business Times, and since Conrad tweeted my page to his 24,000 or so Twitter followers, I’ve had 54 more views. Nothing to write home about, but also not nothing. If only Mark Zuckerberg and Biz Stone were so committed to my self-marketing.”

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